Direct Replacement Plan (DRP)

The purchase of a Direct Replacement Plan (DRP) must be made with the purchase of the product. The DRP covers your product for a period of up to 3 years from the date of purchase. The DRP only covers products for manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship. In the event that your product is being repaired by an authorized service centre when the DRP expires, the term of the DRP will be extended until the covered repair has been completed.

The original agreement showing the serial number of the product and any records of previous repairs must be presented for the Direct Replacement Plan coverage. The store is not responsible for keeping such records and cannot perform any tracing or retrieval of such agreement for customers.

What is covered by the Direct Replacement Plan (DRP)

In order to maintain the product covered by the DRP in operating condition, we will, at our option:

  • Provide or obtain labour and replacement parts
  • Provide a replacement product or issue a gift card for the value of the product in operating condition at the time of your claim, provided that the product has failed during the DRP's term

Limit of Liability:

The limit of our liability under the DRP shall be the depreciated value of the product at the time of your claim, excluding the cost of the DRP. Due to advances in technology, if we choose to replace a product, the selling price of the replacement product may be lower than the selling price of the original product.


DRP can be cancelled within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund on the DRP price under the condition that no claims have ever been made. To receive a refund, you must present the DRP document and all original receipts to one of the Canada Computers & Electronics stores.

To Make a Claim:

Prior to making a claim, please visit one of Canada Computers & Electronics service centres with your product for inspection. If the product is found defective during the DRP coverage, we will either replace your product with a new, remanufactured, refurbished or a product of similar kind and quality that performs to the factory specifications of the original product. To make a claim, present the DRP document and all original receipts to one of the Canada Computers & Electronics stores.

Direct Replacement Plan (DRP) DOES NOT cover, and is not limited to the following:

  • Accidental or intentional physical impact, misuse or abuse, spilled liquids and burn marks.
  • Product has been serviced by unauthorized third party.
  • Product with removed or altered serial number.
  • Any signs of tampering of the system, or the system has been previously opened.
  • Improper use or failure of any electrical source such as power surges.
  • Loss or damage resulting from external causes such as, but not limited to, negligence or accidents, spillage, defective or inadequate wiring, outages as a result of public utility company action or inaction, fire, flood, windstorm, hail, lightning, earthquake, theft, misuse or abuse or by connection to other products not endorsed for usage by the manufacturer.
  • Fire, exposure to weather, natural disaster or battery leakage on laptops, netbooks, cameras, cell phones, cordless phones and any other disposable type of products.
  • Damage to electronic files and software, including damage caused by repairs (Canada Computers & Electronics will not be responsible to backup all data residing on any product delivered to us), consequential or incidental damages, including but without limitation to damages for loss of use.
  • Damage caused by mishandling, modification, accident, impact, being dropped, chemical corrosion, shipping damage, sand and/or moisture damage.
  • Damage of a cosmetic nature or the cost of lost or consumable parts (including, without limitation, drums, toners, ink cartridges, consumable print heads or LCD projector bulbs).
  • Damage to any accessories or attachments not included with the basic product.
  • Damage from modifications on any product components.
  • Loss or theft of product, software, data or accessories.
  • Any software/data loss or corruption due to system malfunction prior to, or during repair.
  • Restoration or recovery of CDs.
  • Consumables such as Laptop or Netbook battery, projector bulb and printer print head.
  • Cleaning and / or other maintenance services.
  • Backup data services.
  • On-site service.
  • Original accessories that come with the product such as speakers, keyboard, touch pens, mouse, carrying bag, 3D glasses, remote controls, web cam or any external bundling items.
  • Later upgrades or add-on components and defects caused by such components.
  • Incompatibility issues of installing new hardware or software.
  • Non hardware issues such as virus or spyware infections.
  • Change of the original setup and hardware configurations of the system unless such modifications were performed by Canada Computers & Electronics technicians with such service records.
  • Financial, personal, or any other losses incurred during system downtime prior to, during, or after repair and/or servicing.
  • Normal wear and tear which includes, but is not limited to: hinges, back cover of LCD/LED screen, screen bezel and chassis, keyboard letters fading, and loose hardware or damage found at connections such as the DC jack, USB/internet connectors, and battery locking mechanisms.

Terms & Conditions

  • The term of the Direct Replacement Plan commences upon purchase of qualifying items(s) with corresponding DRP(s).
  • From the date of your purchase, you have a maximum of 1 occasion to claim during the DRP period on qualifying items. Coverage will end after 1 claim is made or the coverage period expires. Note: If a gift card is issued under the DRP, the term of coverage ceases on the date of issue of said gift card.
  • When product is brought in for service with DRP, Canada Computers & Electronics service technicians will perform inspection and diagnosis prior to product replacement.
  • To make a claim with the DRP, original DRP documentations & purchase receipt are required.
  • If Canada Computers & Electronics decides to replace the product or provide a gift card, merchandise must be returned to the store before process begins.
  • If a replacement is not available immediately, one will be provided within 3-5 business days. If another Canada Computers & Electronics store or warehouse has the product, we will transfer to the store that you select for pick up.
  • If an identical replacement is no longer available, an equivalent specification of the product will be offered or a gift card will be issued with the current value of the equivalent replacement product.
  • Any parts replaced under the DRP become the exclusive property of Canada Computers & Electronics.
  • Unauthorized repairs will void the DRP.
  • Canada Computers & Electronics may use refurbished parts to complete some replacements. We will either replace your product with a new, remanufactured, refurbished or a product of like kind and quality that performs to the factory specifications of the original product.
  • DRP is transferrable with the product. DRP holder must have original DRP documentation to receive service.

DRP Products Eligibility

Direct Replacement Plan only covers the replacement of defective products purchased from Canada Computers & Electronics, for which you have paid the DRP purchase price. Please see below table of products eligibility for DRP.


Products covered by DRP Products NOT covered by DRP
  • Cases
  • Blu-Ray Drives
  • Cooling
  • CPU
  • Flash Memory/Drives
  • Hard Drive Enclosures
  • Hard Drive
  • Solid State Drives
  • Sound Cards
  • Video Devices
  • Webcams
  • External Hub, Internal Bay Devices
  • Memory
  • Keyboards & Mouse
  • Motherboards
  • Networking
  • Carrying Bag
  • Adapters
  • Cables
  • Power Supplies
  • Water-cooling system
  • Surveillance & Security Cameras
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • All Refurbished Products
  • Office Equipment
  • All Consumables, such as batteries, printer print head, drum unit, belt and toners, disks and projectors bulbs
  • All Software & Video Games
  • All Final Sale & Clearance items
  • Any External Bundle Items
  • All products with less than 1 year original manufacturer warranty


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