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Club 3D Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter (CAC-1101)
  • Club 3D Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter (CAC-1101)

Item Code: CACL000199 Part Number: CAC-1101

Club 3D Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter (CAC-1101)

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This adapter connects your UltraAV Mini Display Port to HDMI Connector Passive Club 3D UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to HDMI? (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable enables the connection of your Mini DisplayPort supported computer to an HDMI supported television, monitor or projector. Simply connect the Mini DisplayPort (male) end of the connector to your computer and plug your existing HDMI cable from the display into the HDMI (female) adapter. Setup is complete; no software to install. The circuitry built-into the adapter seamlessly converts the Mini DisplayPort?s A/V signal into an HDMI A/V signal and requires no external power.

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