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Panasonic ESLT5N - 3 Blade Shaver with Multi-Flex 3D Head
  • Panasonic ESLT5N - 3 Blade Shaver with Multi-Flex 3D Head | 1 hr Full Charge | 5 min Quick Charge | 45 min Shaving | Wet/Dry Operation

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Item Code: ETPA003132 Part Number: ESLT5N

Panasonic ESLT5N - 3 Blade Shaver with Multi-Flex 3D Head
1 hr Full Charge
5 min Quick Charge
45 min Shaving
Wet/Dry Operation

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Advancing the Japanese art of crafting exceptionally sharp and durable swords, Panasonic has applied state-of-the art blade technology to the Panasonic Arc3 Series shavers.

The result is precision blades of extraordinary strength and performance. And the edge you need for an extremely close, comfortable shave.


Legendary Craftsmanship. A Tradition of Innovation.



    Advanced 3-Blade ARC Shaving System              

Specially designed by Panasonic, the powerful ARC3 3-blade system combines pure shaving velocity with multi-blade precision to cut through facial hair gently and comfortably for incredibly close results. The system's ultra-thin Nanotech™ blades are forged from premium stainless steel. And, each is precisely honed to a 30° angle for optimal sharpness to cut whiskers at the root for fast, smooth, efficient shaving.


30° Nano Polished Blades              

The acute 30° cutting edge of the inner blades enables an incredible clos shave. Driven by a high-speed motor, the blades cut smoothly through the toughest beards.



13,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive              

Driven by a quiet, high-speed linear motor, the ARC3 delivers the evenly distributed power you need for fast, effective shaving. And as battery power is used, this high-performance motor maintains continuous peak performance to the end of every battery charge.



Ultra-Thin ARC Foil System              

Three contoured, micro-thin hypoallergenic foils instantly capture, hold and cut the different types of hair that make up the beard for outstanding closeness and comfort. The Quick-comb blade grabs and cuts longer hairs that often grow in opposite directions. And, the Ultra-thin Finishing Foil captures stubborn, extra-thick hair to ensure smooth, even results.



Two Ultra-thin Foils closely captures even stubborn, extra thick hair to ensure smooth, even results.



The Quick-Comb Blade Foil is angled to grab and cut longer hairs that often grow in opposite directions.



Shave Sensor Technology

Advanced built-in sensors automatically “feel” differences in beard density along the cheeks, jaw and neck. As the ARC3 shaver moves across the face, power flow is continually adjusted to accelerate where the beard is thickest, and soften where it’s not.



3D Multi-Flex™ Pivoting Head              

As you shave, an advanced 3D Multi-Flex Pivoting Head glides seamlessly — up-and-down, side-to-side and back-and-forth — to trace the individual contours of your face, neck and jaw for the ultimate in close, gentle comfort.



Precision Pop-Up Trimmer              

After shaving, add the perfect finish with an ultra-sharp 45° blade pop-up trimmer. Ideal for precision detailing of sideburns and mustaches.



    Shave Close and Conveniently Dry or in the Shower              

When you’re in a hurry, the wet/dry ARC3 delivers a quick, smooth dry shave. And, because it's 100% washable and fully immersible in water, it also performs as efficiently in the shower as it does over the sink using your favorite foam or gel.



Natural, Sure-Grip Design for Total Control              

Designed to fit comfortably in either hand, the ergonomic, soft-touch rubber grip ensures total shaving control, even when used in the shower.


<span class="big-text ad-text-1" style="left:420px;top:220px;" Check Shaver
Status at a Glance

The easy-to-read, multi-function LED in the handle makes it quick and simple to check shaver functions like battery power level, recharging status, travel lock on/off and more.



Charging Stand for Easy Battery Recharging

Keep your battery charged and ready for the next shave with an included, high-efficiency charging stand.


Men's Shaver Replacement Blades and Foils              



To help maintain the level of grooming comfort and satisfaction you demand from your shaver, the high-performance blades and foils should be replaced once every one to two years* with genuine, easy-to-install Panasonic replacements blades and foils.


ModelNumber ES-LT5N
Number of Blades 3
Motor Speed 13,000 cpm
Inner Blade Angle 30-degree
Charging Time Approx. 1 hour
Wet/Dry Yes
Pop-up Trimmer Yes
Automatic Voltage Conversion Yes
LCD/LED Battery Monitor 10-stage LED meter
Replacement Foil WES9089
Replacement Blade WES9068
Replacement Set WES9015
Dimensions (H x W x D) Approx. 170 X 75 X 55 mm
Weight Approx. 190 g
Return & Exchange No Refund or Exchange, Exchange Only if Product is Defective
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturing Defect Exchange No Refund or Exchange, Exchange Only if Product is Defective
Courtesy Warranty Repair Shipment Service 90 Days Courtesy MFG Warranty Repair Services
Charged Warranty Repair Shipment Service 1 Year Charge MFG Warranty Repair Services