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iCAN Replacement Asus AC Adapter 150W 19V 7.9A
  • iCAN Replacement Asus AC Adapter 150W 19V 7.9A

Item Code: NAADIC0005 Part Number: ADP-150NB

iCAN Replacement Asus AC Adapter 150W 19V 7.9A

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Compatible to OEM Part Number ADP-150NB Compatible laptop part number:
AP.15001.001, ADP-150CB, PA-1700-02, ADP-65DB,
LC-T2801-006, LC.T2801.006, LC.ADT01.001, AP.T3503.002 (3502LCi, 3502NLCi, 3502WLCi, 3503LCi, 3503WLCi, ZL6), 3600 (3603WXCi,
3603WXMi, 3602NWXM, 3603WXCi 3603WXMi, 3603NWXM 3603NWXMi, 3603XCi,
3608NWXCi, 3608WXCi 3608WXMi), 3610, 5000 (5002LMi, 5002WLMi, 5004WLMi),
5030, 5510, 9100
Acer Travelmate 2xx, 3xx, 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 80x series

Compatibility ASUS G74S G74SX VX7 G73JH-A2 G73JH-X1
Spec 19V 7.9A
Watt 150W
Tip 5.5 * 2.5
Return & Exchange 14 Days
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year CC Warranty
Manufacturing Defect Exchange 7 Days DOA
Courtesy Warranty Repair Shipment Service 90 Days Courtesy MFG Warranty Repair Services
Charged Warranty Repair Shipment Service 1 Year Charge MFG Warranty Repair Services