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Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)
  • Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)
  • Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)
  • Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)
  • Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)
  • Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)

Item Code: SAANO00007 Part Number: AT-707

Antop TV Signal Splitter 4-way (AT-707)

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The ANTOP 4-ways Splitter AT-707 splits a single incoming coaxial signal, such as satellite signal, over-the-air HD (digital TV) antenna signal, into four outgoing signals.
Precision zinc die-cast with 18K gold-plated chassis for maximum signal transfer, corrosion resistance, and reliable connectivity.
All ports DC Power Passing enables DC power from all outputs to pass the power to the input (or in the opposite direction). Thus all satellite receivers can supply LNB power, while all amplified outdoor antenna or masthead amplifier can be powered from the interior power supply devices. Care should be taken to ensure the input of a receiver will not be damaged by power from another receiver. Reverse powering protection is provided in many receivers and systems.

  • All ports female F connector 75 Ohm

  • All ports DC power pass

  • Light weight and compact size

  • Zinc die-cast with 18K gold-plated

  • Low insertion loss, high return loss and isolation for satellite and over-the-air HDTV signal

  • Two pieces of screws attached

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Screening factor 5-300MHz=75dB,300-470MHz=75dB,470-1000MHz=65dB,1000-2050MHz=55dB
Insertion Loss 7.5dB (5-47MHz),8.5dB (47-1000MHz),9.5dB (1000-1750MHz),11.5dB (1750-2050MHz)
Isolation 20dB (5-2050MHz)
Return Loss 10dB (5-47MHz), 12dB (47-2050MHz)
Receiving Range TV/SAT
Impedance 75O
All Port DC Pass 24V/200mA (max.)
Return & Exchange 14 Days
Manufacturing Defect Exchange 30 Days
Courtesy Warranty Repair Shipment Service 90 Days Courtesy MFG Warranty Repair Services
Charged Warranty Repair Shipment Service 1 Year Charge MFG Warranty Repair Services