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BACtrack® GO Keychain Breathalyzer - White - BT-KC20-I
  • BACtrack® GO Keychain Breathalyzer - White - BT-KC20-I

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Item Code: NABAR00001 Part Number: BT-KC20-I

BACtrack® GO Keychain Breathalyzer - White - BT-KC20-I

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The BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is compact, convenient, and provides blood alcohol content (BAC) results in seconds. A fully functional breath alcohol tester, the BACtrack Keychain is equipped with an Advanced MicroCheck® alcohol sensor that determines BAC quickly and accurately. To use, simply wait 15 minutes after your last drink, power on, and breathe into its innovative folding mouthpiece. Your results are displayed in seconds - it’s that easy! Learn how alcohol affects your body and drink more responsibly. Cheers to good decisions.

  • Quickly and accurately determines your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), providing the results in seconds

  • Enables simple portability when not in use

  • Includes 3 mouthpieces, so multiple users can take turns testing their individual BAC levels

  • Fits inside a purse or pocket and can be used as a keychain, making it easy to test your BAC while you're out and about

  • Dimensions 1.42" wide x 2.39" long x 0.56" deep

  • Weight 2 oz (56g)

  • Mouthpieces needed?  None needed, but 3 included for hygienic sharing with others

  • Power Source 1 AAA battery, included

  • Warranty Full one-year warranty

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