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iCAN Compatible Lenovo G580 Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH (Black)
  • iCAN Compatible Lenovo G580 Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH (Black)

Item Code: BAICA00008 Part Number: LOG580LH

iCAN Compatible Lenovo G580 Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH (Black)

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Model# LOG580LH
Cells QTY: 6
Voltage(V): 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh/49Wh
Color: Black
Dimension: 203.9*50.5*20.5mm
N.W.: 291g
Type: Li-ion
Compatible Models "LENOVO G480 Series ,LENOVO G485 Series , LENOVO G585 Series, LENOVO G580 Series , LENOVO Y480 Series ,LENOVO Y480N Series, LENOVO IY485 Series ,LENOVO Y485N Series ,LENOVO Y480P Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Y580N Series ,LENOVO Y485P Series , LENOVO Z380 Series, LENOVO Z480 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Y580P Series , LENOVO Z580 Series, LENOVO Z585 Series ,LENOVO Z485 Series, LENOVO IdeaPad G480 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad G485 Series , LENOVO IdeaPad G585 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad G580 Series , LENOVO IdeaPad Y480 Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Y480N Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Y485 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Y485N Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Y480P Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Y580N Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Y485P Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Z380 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Z480 Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Y580P Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Z580 Series ,LENOVO IdeaPad Z585 Series, LENOVO IdeaPad Z485 Series"
P/N L11L6F01/ L11L6R01/ L11L6Y01/ L11M6Y01/ L11N6R01/ L11N6Y01 /L11P6R01/ L11S6F01/ L11S6Y01"
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