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iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1800 PA2487UR Laptop Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4500mAH
  • iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1800 PA2487UR Laptop Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4500mAH

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Item Code: NABALP0386 Part Number: TA2487LH

iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Dynabook Satellite 1800 PA2487UR Laptop Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4500mAH

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Replacement For:

B404/ PA2487/ PA2487U/ PA2487UG/ PA2487UR/ PA2487URG/ PA2487URN/ PA3107U/ PA3107U-1BAS/ PA3107U-1BRS/ PABAS011

Compatible For:

Dynabook Satellite 1800/ Dynabook Satellite 1850/ Dynabook Satellite 1860/ Dynabook Satellite 1870/ DynaBook T2/485PMC/ DynaBook T2/485PRC/ DynaBook T3/410PME/ DynaBook T3/480CME/ DynaBook T4/410PME/ DynaBook T4/495CME/ DynaBook T5/512CME/ DynaBook T5/X16PME/ DynaBook T6/518CDE/ DynaBook T6/518CME/ Satellite 1400/ Satellite 1400-103/ Satellite 1400-153/ Satellite 1400-153E/ Satellite 1400-203/ Satellite 1400-253S/ Satellite 1400-503/ Satellite 1400-553S/ Satellite 1400-S151/ Satellite 1400-S152/ Satellite 1405/ Satellite 1405-S151/ Satellite 1405-S152/ Satellite 1405-S171/ Satellite 1410/ Satellite 1410-303/ Satellite 1410-303X/ Satellite 1410-304/ Satellite 1410-354/ Satellite 1410-401/ Satellite 1410-554/ Satellite 1410-604/ Satellite 1410-704/ Satellite 1410-714/ Satellite 1410-801/ Satellite 1410-802/ Satellite 1410-814/ Satellite 1410-902/ Satellite 1410-S102/ Satellite 1410-S103/ Satellite 1410-S173/ Satellite 1410-S174/ Satellite 1410-S203/ Satellite 1415/ Satellite 1415-S173/ Satellite 1415-S174/ Satellite 1500 Series/ Satellite 1550/ Satellite 1555/ Satellite 1555CDS/ Satellite 1800/ Satellite 1800-100/ Satellite 1800-204/ Satellite 1800-254S/ Satellite 1800-314/ Satellite 1800-354S/ Satellite 1800-364E/ Satellite 1800-400/ Satellite 1800-412/ Satellite 1800-452E/ Satellite 1800-504/ Satellite 1800-514/ Satellite 1800-554S/ Satellite 1800-614/ Satellite 1800-654S/ Satellite 1800-700/ Satellite 1800-712/ Satellite 1800-750/ Satellite 1800-752S/ Satellite 1800-804/ Satellite 1800-814/ Satellite 1800-911/ Satellite 1800-921/ Satellite 1800-S203/ Satellite 1800-S204/ Satellite 1800-S253/ Satellite 1800-S254/ Satellite 1805-S203/ Satellite 1805-S204/ Satellite 1805-S253/ Satellite 1805-S254/ Satellite 1805-S274/ Satellite 1805 Series/ Satellite 1830/ Satellite 200/ Satellite 2060/ Satellite 2060CDS/ Satellite 2065CDS/ Satellite 2100/ Satellite 2100CDS/ Satellite 2100CDT/ Satellite 2100CDX/ Satellite 2105CDS/ Satellite 210CDT/ Satellite 2115CDS/ Satellite 2140/ Satellite 2140CDS/ Satellite 2140XCDS/ Satellite 2180/ Satellite 2180CDT/ Satellite 220/ Satellite 220CDS/ Satellite 2210/ Satellite 2210CDS/ Satellite 2210CDT/ Satellite 2210XCDS/ Satellite 2230/ Satellite 2230CDS/ Satellite 2250/ Satellite 2250CDT/ Satellite 2250XCDS/ Satellite 225CDS/ Satellite 230CDS/ Satellite 230CX/ Satellite 235CDS/ Satellite 2400/ Satellite 2400-103/ Satellite 2400-103DVD/ Satellite 2400-S201/ Satellite 2400-S202/ Satellite 2400-S251/ Satellite 2400-S252/ Satellite 2405/ Satellite 2405-S201/ Satellite 2405-S202/ Satellite 2410-303/ Satellite 2410-304/ Satellite 2410-304S/ Satellite 2410-404/ Satellite 2410-413/ Satellite 2410-414/ Satellite 2410-514/ Satellite 2410-515/ Satellite 2410-601/ Satellite 2410-603/ Satellite 2410-703/ Satellite 2410-S203/ Satellite 2410-S204/ Satellite 2410-S205/ Satellite 2410-S206/ Satellite 2410-S403/ Satellite 2410-S453/ Satellite 2410 Series/ Satellite 250/ Satellite 2500CDS/ Satellite 2500CDT/ Satellite 2500 Series/ Satellite 2505CDS/ Satellite 2505CDT/ Satellite 2510/ Satellite 2510CDS/ Satellite 2515CDS/ Satellite 2515CTS/ Satellite 2520/ Satellite 2520CDT/ Satellite 2530/ Satellite 2530CDS/ Satellite 2535CD/ Satellite 2535CDS/ Satellite 2540/ Satellite 2540CDS/ Satellite 2540CDT/ Satellite 2540XCDT/ Satellite 2545CDS/ Satellite 2545CDT/ Satellite 2545XCDT/ Satellite 2550/ Satellite 2590/ Satellite 2590CDS/ Satellite 2590CDT/ Satellite 2590XDVD/ Satellite 2595CDS/ Satellite 2595CDT/ Satellite 2595XDVD/ Satellite 2600 Series/ Satellite 2610/ Satellite 2610CDT/ Satellite 2610DVD/ Satellite 2615DVD/ Satellite 2650/ Satellite 2650XDVD/ Satellite 2655XDVD/ Satellite 2670/ Satellite 2670DVD/ Satellite 2675DVD/ Satellite 2710/ Satellite 2710XDVD/ Satellite 2715DVD/ Satellite 2715XDVD/ Satellite 2740/ Satellite 2750/ Satellite 2750DVD/ Satellite 2750XDVD/ Satellite 2755DVD/ Satellite 2755XDVD/ Satellite 2770/ Satellite 2770XDVD/ Satellite 2775XDVD/ Satellite 2800-100/ Satellite 2800-200/ Satellite 2800-400/ Satellite 2800-500/ Satellite 2800-600/ Satellite 2800-S201/ Satellite 2800-S202/ Satellite 2800 Series/ Satellite 2805/ Satellite 2805-S201/ Satellite 2805-S202/ Satellite 2805-S301/ Satellite 2805-S302/ Satellite 2805-S401/ Satellite 2805-S402/ Satellite 2805-S503/ Satellite 300/ Satellite 300CDS/ Satellite 305/ Satellite 305CDS/ Satellite 305CDT/ Satellite 310/ Satellite 310CDS/ Satellite 310CDT/ Satellite 315/ Satellite 315CD/ Satellite 315CDS/ Satellite 315CDT/ Satellite 320/ Satellite 320CDS/ Satellite 320CDT/ Satellite 320CT/ Satellite 325/ Satellite 325CDS/ Satellite 325CDT/ Satellite 330/ Satellite 330CDS/ Satellite 330CDT/ Satellite 335/ Satellite 335CDS/ Satellite 335CDT/ Satellite 4000CDS/ Satellite 4000CDT/ Satellite 4000 Series/ Satellite 4005CDS/ Satellite 4005CDT/ Satellite 400 Series/ Satellite 4010/ Satellite 4010CDS/ Satellite 4010CDT/ Satellite 4015CDS/ Satellite 4015CDT/ Satellite 4020/ Satellite 4020CDT/ Satellite 4025CDT/ Satellite 4030/ Satellite 4030CDS/ Satellite 4030CDT/ Satellite 4035CDT/ Satellite 4060/ Satellite 4060XCDT/ Satellite 4070/ Satellite 4070CDS/ Satellite 4070CDT/ Satellite 4080/ Satellite 4080XCDT/ Satellite 4090/ Satellite 4090XCDT/ Satellite 4090XDVD/ Satellite 4100/ Satellite 4100XCDT/ Satellite 4100XDVD/ Satellite 4260/ Satellite 4280ZDVD/ Satellite 430/ Satellite 4300 series/ Satellite 4320ZDVD/ Satellite 4340ZDVD/ Satellite 4360ZDVD/ Satellite Pro 1800 Series/ Satellite Pro 2100/ Satellite Pro 2100-200Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-200Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-201Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-203Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-203Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-220Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-220Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-221Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-221Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-401Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-402Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-403Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-403Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-404Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-404Ec/ Satellite Pro 2100-405Eb/ Satellite Pro 2100-405EG/ Satellite Pro 2100-405EU/ Satellite Pro 2100-406Eb/ Satellite Pro 300 Series/ Satellite Pro 400CDT/ Satellite Pro 400CS/ Satellite Pro 400 Series/ Satellite Pro 405CDT/ Satellite Pro 405CS/ Satellite Pro 410CDT/ Satellite Pro 410CS/ Satellite Pro 415CE/ Satellite Pro 415CS/ Satellite Pro 4200 Series/ Satellite Pro 420CDS/ Satellite Pro 420CDT/ Satellite Pro 4220/ Satellite Pro 425CDS/ Satellite Pro 425CDT/ Satellite Pro 4260DVD/ Satellite Pro 4280/ Satellite Pro 4280XCDT/ Satellite Pro 4280XDVD/ Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD/ Satellite Pro 4300/ Satellite Pro 430CDS/ Satellite Pro 430CDT/ Satellite Pro 430CDX/ Satellite Pro 4320/ Satellite Pro 4320CDT/ Satellite Pro 4340/ Satellite Pro 4340XDVD/ Satellite Pro 435CDS/ Satellite Pro 435CDT/ Satellite Pro 4360/ Satellite Pro 4360XDVD/ Satellite Pro 4380/ Satellite Pro 440/ Satellite Pro 440CDT/ Satellite Pro 440CDX/ Satellite Pro 445CDT/ Satellite Pro 445CDX/ Satellite Pro 450CDT/ Satellite Pro 450CDX/ Satellite Pro 460/ Satellite Pro 4600 Series/ Satellite Pro 460CDT/ Satellite Pro 460CDX/ Satellite Pro 465CDT/ Satellite Pro 465CDX/ Satellite Pro 470/ Satellite Pro 470CDT/ Satellite Pro 480/ Satellite Pro 480CDT/ Satellite Pro 480CDX/ Satellite Pro 485CDT/ Satellite Pro 485CDX/ Satellite Pro 490/ Satellite Pro 490CDT/ Satellite Pro 490CDX/ Satellite Pro 490XCDT/ Satellite Pro 495CDT/ Satellite Pro 495CDX/ Satellite T2100CDX/

[P/N] TA2487LH
[Brand] ICAN
[Fit model] TOSHIBA Satellite/Satellite Pro/DynaBook
[Replace] Refer to detail
[Voltage(V)] 10.8
[Capacity(mAh)] 4500mAh/49Wh
[Dimension(mm)] 175.2*70.0*18.5
[N.M.(g)] 314.6
[Color] Black
[Type] Li-ion
[Unit cell] 6
Return & Exchange 14 Days - No Refund/Exchange If Opened
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year CC Warranty
Manufacturing Defect Exchange 7 Days DOA