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iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop Battery 6-Cell (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH Replacement for: P/N PA3465U-1BRS/ PABAS069/ PA3451U-1BRS/ PA3457U-1BRS/ PABAS067
  • iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop Battery 6-Cell (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH Replacement for: P/N PA3465U-1BRS/ PABAS069/ PA3451U-1BRS/ PA3457U-1BRS/ PABAS067

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Item Code: NABALP0457 Part Number: TA2465LH

iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop Battery 6-Cell (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH Replacement for: P/N PA3465U-1BRS/ PABAS069/ PA3451U-1BRS/ PA3457U-1BRS/ PABAS067

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Replacement For:

PA3465U-1BRS/ PABAS069/ PA3451U-1BRS/ PA3457U-1BRS/ PABAS067

Compatiable For:

Dynabook AX/530LL/ Dynabook AX/55A/ dynabook TW/750LS/ Equium A100-549/ Equium A110-233/ Equium A110-252/ Equium A110-276/ Equium M50-192/ Equium M50-244/ Equium M70-173/ Equium M70-337/ Equium M70-339/ Equium M70-364/ Satellite A100-204/ Satellite A100-209/ Satellite A100-259/ Satellite A100-295/ Satellite A100-500/ Satellite A100-507/ Satellite A100-508/ Satellite A100-525/ Satellite A100-533/ Satellite A100-551/ Satellite A100-570/ Satellite A100-649/ Satellite A100-LE1/ Satellite A100-LE4/ Satellite A100-LE6/ Satellite A100-S2211TD/ Satellite A100-S2311TD/ Satellite A100-S3211TD/ Satellite A100-S8111TD(with Intel Celeron Processors)/ Satellite A100-ST1041/ Satellite A100-ST2311/ Satellite A100-ST3211/ Satellite A100-TA1/ Satellite A105-S101// Satellite A105-S101X/ Satellite A105-S171/ Satellite A105-S171X/ Satellite A105-S2021/ Satellite A105-S2071/ Satellite A105-S2131/ Satellite A105-S2201/ Satellite A105-S2231/ Satellite A105-S2236/ Satellite A105-S271/ Satellite A105-S271X/ Satellite A105-S2xxx Series/ Satellite A105-S361/ Satellite A105-S361X/ Satellite A110-101/ Satellite A110-142/ Satellite A110-162/ Satellite A110-177/ Satellite A110-178/ Satellite A110-198/ Satellite A110-203/ Satellite A110-260/ Satellite A110-274/ Satellite A110-275/ Satellite A110-277/ Satellite A110-289/ Satellite A110-334/ Satellite A110-339/ Satellite A110-358/ Satellite A110-370/ Satellite A110-ST1111/ Satellite A135-S2246/ Satellite A135-S2256/ Satellite A135-S2266/ Satellite A135-S2276/ Satellite A135-S2286/ Satellite A135-S2296/ Satellite A135-S2306/ Satellite A135-S2326/ Satellite A135-S2336/ Satellite A135-S2346/ Satellite A135-S2356/ Satellite A135-S2376/ Satellite A135-S2386/ Satellite A135-S2396/ Satellite A135-S4407/ Satellite A135-S4417/ Satellite A135-S4427/ Satellite A135-S4437/ Satellite A135-S4447/ Satellite A135-S4457/ Satellite A135-S4467/ Satellite A135-S4477/ Satellite A135-S4478/ Satellite A135-S4487/ Satellite A135-S4488/ Satellite A135-S4499/ Satellite A135-S4517/ Satellite A135-S4527/ Satellite A135-S4637/ Satellite A80/ Satellite A80-144/ Satellite A80-S178TD/ Satellite A85/ Satellite A85-S107/ Satellite A85-S1071/ Satellite A85-S1072/ Satellite M105-S1011/ Satellite M105-S1021/ Satellite M105-S10xx Series/ Satellite M115-S1061/ Satellite M115-S1064/ Satellite M115-S1071/ Satellite M40-276/ Satellite M45-S165/ Satellite M45-S165X/ Satellite M45-S169/ Satellite M45-S169X/ Satellite M50-180/ Satellite M50-227/ Satellite M50-228/ Satellite M50-MX2/ Satellite M55-S139/ Satellite M55-S1391/ Satellite M55-S139X/ Satellite M70-122/ Satellite M70-144/ Satellite M70-147/ Satellite M70-148/ Satellite M70-151/ Satellite M70-152/ Satellite M70-168/ Satellite M70-169/ Satellite M70-175/ Satellite M70-181/ Satellite M70-183/ Satellite M70-186/ Satellite M70-187/ Satellite M70-189/ Satellite M70-194/ Satellite M70-204/ Satellite M70-208/ Satellite M70-212/ Satellite M70-217/ Satellite M70-226/ Satellite M70-236/ Satellite M70-238/ Satellite M70-239/ Satellite M70-258/ Satellite M70-267/ Satellite M70-340/ Satellite M70-343/ Satellite M70-348/ Satellite M70-354/ Satellite M70-356/ Satellite M70-376/ Satellite M70-394/ Satellite M70-395/ Satellite M70-396/ Satellite Pro A100-229/ Satellite Pro A100-240/ Satellite Pro A100-262/ Satellite Pro A100-263/ Satellite Pro A100-264/ Satellite Pro A100-518/ Satellite Pro A100-532/ Satellite Pro A100-536/ Satellite Pro A100-545/ Satellite Pro M40-301/ Satellite Pro M50-238/ Satellite Pro M50-240/ Satellite Pro M50-241/ Satellite Pro M50-242/ Satellite Pro M70/ Satellite Pro M70-125/ Satellite Pro M70-126/ Satellite Pro M70-134/ Satellite Pro M70-137/ Satellite Pro M70-237/ Satellite Pro M70-325/ Satellite Pro M70-326/ Satellite Pro M70-327/ Satellite Pro M70-331/ Satellite Pro M70-332/ Satellite Pro M70-333/

[P/N] TA2465LH
[Brand] ICAN
[Fit model] TOSHIBA Satellite
[Replace] Refer to detail
[Voltage(V)] 10.8
[Capacity(mAh)] 4400mAh/48Wh
[Dimension(mm)] 206.6*54.9*22.1
[N.M.(g)] 330
[Color] Black
[Type] Li-ion
[Unit cell] 6
Return & Exchange 14 Days - No Refund/Exchange If Opened
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year CC Warranty
Manufacturing Defect Exchange 7 Days DOA