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iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Satellite/Satellite Pro Laptop Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH Replacement for: P/N PA3479U-1BRS/ PA3480U-1BAS/ PA3480U-1BRS/ PABAS078/ PABAS079
  • iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Satellite/Satellite Pro Laptop Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH Replacement for: P/N PA3479U-1BRS/ PA3480U-1BAS/ PA3480U-1BRS/ PABAS078/ PABAS079

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Item Code: NABALP0634 Part Number: TA3479LH

iCAN Compatible TOSHIBA Satellite/Satellite Pro Laptop Battery 6-Cells (Samsung Cell) 4400mAH Replacement for: P/N PA3479U-1BRS/ PA3480U-1BAS/ PA3480U-1BRS/ PABAS078/ PABAS079

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Replacement For:

PA3479U-1BRS/ PA3480U-1BAS/ PA3480U-1BRS/ PABAS078/ PABAS079

Compatiable For:

TOSHIBA / Satego P100-10U/ Satego P100-490/ Satego P100-491/ Satellite P100-106/ Satellite P100-10R/ Satellite P100-120/ Satellite P100-126/ Satellite P100-137/ Satellite P100-138/ Satellite P100-141/ Satellite P100-143/ Satellite P100-144/ Satellite P100-152/ Satellite P100-160/ Satellite P100-186/ Satellite P100-187/ Satellite P100-195/ Satellite P100-196/ Satellite P100-202/ Satellite P100-203/ Satellite P100-204/ Satellite P100-209/ Satellite P100-210/ Satellite P100-212/ Satellite P100-215/ Satellite P100-216/ Satellite P100-217/ Satellite P100-219/ Satellite P100-221/ Satellite P100-228/ Satellite P100-232/ Satellite P100-233/ Satellite P100-236/ Satellite P100-237/ Satellite P100-238/ Satellite P100-239/ Satellite P100-248/ Satellite P100-249/ Satellite P100-256/ Satellite P100-260/ Satellite P100-263/ Satellite P100-266/ Satellite P100-267/ Satellite P100-273/ Satellite P100-275/ Satellite P100-276/ Satellite P100-277/ Satellite P100-279/ Satellite P100-281/ Satellite P100-291/ Satellite P100-293/ Satellite P100-298/ Satellite P100-299/ Satellite P100-303/ Satellite P100-314/ Satellite P100-316/ Satellite P100-326/ Satellite P100-328/ Satellite P100-330/ Satellite P100-332/ Satellite P100-341/ Satellite P100-342/ Satellite P100-343/ Satellite P100-344/ Satellite P100-346/ Satellite P100-349/ Satellite P100-351/ Satellite P100-354/ Satellite P100-356/ Satellite P100-362/ Satellite P100-370/ Satellite P100-373/ Satellite P100-374/ Satellite P100-387/ Satellite P100-392/ Satellite P100-395/ Satellite P100-400/ Satellite P100-403/ Satellite P100-405/ Satellite P100-406/ Satellite P100-407/ Satellite P100-408/ Satellite P100-410/ Satellite P100-413/ Satellite P100-415/ Satellite P100-423/ Satellite P100-425/ Satellite P100-426/ Satellite P100-429/ Satellite P100-429m/ Satellite P100-434/ Satellite P100-437/ Satellite P100-441/ Satellite P100-442/ Satellite P100-443/ Satellite P100-444/ Satellite P100-448/ Satellite P100-450/ Satellite P100-454/ Satellite P100-459/ Satellite P100-461/ Satellite P100-463/ Satellite P100-470/ Satellite P100-473/ Satellite P100-474/ Satellite P100-475/ Satellite P100-477/ Satellite P100-478/ Satellite P100-481/ Satellite P100-487/ Satellite P100-488/ Satellite P100-JR/ Satellite P100-ST1071/ Satellite P100-ST1072/ Satellite P100-ST7211/ Satellite P100-ST9012/ Satellite P100-ST9212/ Satellite P100-ST9412/ Satellite P100-ST9612/ Satellite P100-ST9712/ Satellite P100-ST9732/ Satellite P100-ST9742/ Satellite P100-ST9752/ Satellite P100-ST9762/ Satellite P100-ST9772/ Satellite P105 Series/ Satellite P105-S6002/ Satellite P105-S6004/ Satellite P105-S6012/ Satellite P105-S6014/ Satellite P105-S6022/ Satellite P105-S6024/ Satellite P105-S6062/ Satellite P105-S6064/ Satellite P105-S6084/ Satellite P105-S6102/ Satellite P105-S6104/ Satellite P105-S6114/ Satellite P105-S6124/ Satellite P105-S6134/ Satellite P105-S6147/ Satellite P105-S6148/ Satellite P105-S6157/ Satellite P105-S6158/ Satellite P105-S6167/ Satellite P105-S6177/ Satellite P105-S6187/ Satellite P105-S6197/ Satellite P105-S6207/ Satellite P105-S6217/ Satellite P105-S6227/ Satellite P105-S921/ Satellite P105-S9312/ Satellite P105-S9337/ Satellite P105-S9339/ Satellite P105-S9722/ Satellite Pro P100 Series/ Satellite Pro P100-10O/ Satellite Pro P100-11A/ Satellite Pro P100-11B/ Satellite Pro P100-11D/ Satellite Pro P100-124/ Satellite Pro P100-125/ Satellite Pro P100-150/ Satellite Pro P100-153/ Satellite Pro P100-167/ Satellite Pro P100-169/ Satellite Pro P100-205/ Satellite Pro P100-234/ Satellite Pro P100-265/ Satellite Pro P100-270/ Satellite Pro P100-290/ Satellite Pro P100-292/ Satellite Pro P100-304/ Satellite Pro P100-305/ Satellite Pro P100-327/ Satellite Pro P100-334/ Satellite Pro P100-369/ Satellite Pro P100-376/ Satellite Pro P100-382/ Satellite Pro P100-383/ Satellite Pro P100-389/ Satellite Pro P100-401/ Satellite Pro P100-402/ Satellite Pro P100-404/ Satellite Pro P100-420/ Satellite Pro P100-422/ Satellite Pro P100-438/ Satellite Pro P100-439/ Satellite Pro P100-465/

[P/N] TA3479LH
[Brand] ICAN
[Fit model] Satellite/Satellite Pro
[Replace] Refer to detail
[Voltage(V)] 0.8
[Capacity(mAh)] 4400mAh/48Wh
[Dimension(mm)] 285.3*80.7*21.2
[N.M.(g)] 345.6
[Color] Black
[Type] Li-ion
[Date] 06-18-2008
[Unit cell] 6
Return & Exchange 14 Days - No Refund/Exchange If Opened
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year CC Warranty
Manufacturing Defect Exchange 7 Days DOA