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Korg Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger
  • Korg Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger | Velocity-Sensitive Keys with Aftertouch | 7" Touchscreen Display with 2 Modes | 2x 20W Amps with 4 Loudspeakers
  • Korg Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger | Velocity-Sensitive Keys with Aftertouch | 7" Touchscreen Display with 2 Modes | 2x 20W Amps with 4 Loudspeakers
  • Korg Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger | Velocity-Sensitive Keys with Aftertouch | 7" Touchscreen Display with 2 Modes | 2x 20W Amps with 4 Loudspeakers
  • Korg Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger | Velocity-Sensitive Keys with Aftertouch | 7" Touchscreen Display with 2 Modes | 2x 20W Amps with 4 Loudspeakers

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Item Code: PAKOR00017 Part Number: PA900

Korg Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger
Velocity-Sensitive Keys with Aftertouch
7" Touchscreen Display with 2 Modes
2x 20W Amps with 4 Loudspeakers

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The Pa900 61-Key Professional Arranger from Korg is a semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive 61-key keyboard with aftertouch that is designed for use by both beginners and advanced players for live performance, practice, and karaoke applications. It features a 7-inch touchscreen display that can provide control over important parameters as well as in-depth editing of your sounds. The Pa900 incorporates over 1,100 sounds including pianos, wind instruments, basses, guitars, and over 70 drum kits. Playback is provided via the integrated dual 20-watt amplifiers that power the 4 built-in speakers.

Two 1/4" microphone inputs allow you to integrate vocals into your performance. The integrated MP3 player supports the MP3+G format for graphical display of lyrics and images on either the 7-inch touchscreen or an optional external display. You can playback MIDI and MP3 files simultaneously while transposing, accelerating, or slowing them down. The microSD slot allows you to record your performances.

The Pa900 offers a variety of effects to further shape your sounds, including 125 effect types, 4 stereo multi-effects, a master limiter and 4-band parametric EQ. Korg has incorporated vocal processing from the TC Helicon, which provides up to 3 voices that can be controlled by proprietary reverb, delay, EQ and dynamics.

TFT Graphical Color Touchscreen Display

    The touchscreen display features two modes: Easy and Expert. The Easy mode shows only the most important controls while keeping a clean and straightforward interface, useful for beginners or playing live. In Expert mode you have full editing control. When you do not remember where a file, a song, or a style was saved, just use the Search function to let the Pa900 find it for you 

Real eXperience & Defined Nuance Control Technology

    Thanks to DNC, you can reproduce subtle articulation sounds that are typical of most acoustic instruments, for example, the growl of a saxophone, elements of the breath found in wind instruments such as trumpet, clarinet and harmonica, and the added characteristics that give added authenticity to the pizzicato and bowed sounds of a string section 

Multiple File Compatibility

    The Pa900 can load and import Korg, WAV, AIFF, SoundFont and export in WAV or AIFF. Sounds can be fully edited, and can now use up to 24 oscillators for each note 

Over 400 Styles

    The Pa900 delivers over 400 Styles, straight out of the box. Each one is a fully realized musical environment dedicated to creating a particular musical style. The Pa900 can provide instant access to a range of musical genres. Each Style features 4 Fill Ins and Break patterns, one for each variation. Using the new Auto Fill function they can be automatically recalled as you move between the four variations. The Pa900 has 1,200 locations for you to save your new Styles and settings. Several new parameters ensure realistic guitar tracks have been added with Guitar Mode 2, making the guitar tracks of every Style authentic. A function called Chord Sequencer records your chord progressions on-the-fly so you can immediately practice or play along with your own chord sequences 

TC Helicon Effects

    The TC Helicon Voice Processor provides up to 3 voices that can be controlled by the keyboard or MIDI events. Other 4 effect blocks are available, including Reverb, Delay, EQ and Dynamics. To ensure professional vocal performance, 2 knobs and 3 buttons controlling the most important vocal functions have been added to the top panel within easy reach 

Built-In Effects

    Up to 4 Stereo Digital Multi-Effect processors can be used for each song. 125 effect types are available, running from the standard reverbs and delays through to the more unusual and vintage effects. In addition, each track features EQ with Low, Mid and High controls. A custom track EQ can be memorized in the general preferences for the Song Play mode 

MP3+G Support

    This feature allows backing sequences to play with enriched lyrics and graphics which can be displayed simultaneously on the on-board TFT display and on an external monitor 


    Two different MP3 or MIDI files can be played simultaneously and both MIDI and MP3 files can be transposed, accelerated or slowed down. The Vocal Remover allows vocals to be removed from MP3 files using a center-channel cancellation tool. The 16-track sequencer allows sophisticated levels of sequencing, but also provides quick and easy song creation using the Backing Sequence function. The Pa900 can record your entire performance; run a song, play the keyboard, sing along and everything will be recorded in MP3 format and stored on an external USB device or in the internal memory 

The SongBook

    Particularly useful for live use, the SongBook is a fully programmable and searchable Music Database. Each entry contains all the settings required to play a particular song. The SongBook can use styles, MIDI files or MP3s and immediately recall settings such as song title, genre, artist, tempo, volumes, sounds, muted tracks, FX settings, easy edit, 4 STS, TC Helicon presets, master transpose and more 

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Dimensions 46.0 x 22.0 x 11.0"
Weight 32.4 lb
Type 61-key semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch
System Upgradable Operating System RX (Real eXperience) DNC (Defined Nuance Control) Multitasking, Load while play feature
Tone Generator KORG EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator: 128 Voices, 128 Oscillators Filters with Resonance 3-band EQ per track
Effects Up to 4 stereo digital multi-effect block systems 125 master effect types plus 2 global effects Voice Processor: 3-part harmonizer, reverb, delay, plus compressor, and EQ from TC Helicon
Sound Banks More than 1,100, including stereo piano, GM/GS sound compatibility Drum Kits: more than 70 User Area: 512 sounds, 128 drum kits Digital Drawbars: 9 footages User PCM RAM Memory: 192 MB
Editing Sample Editing: Compatibility: Load/Import of Korg, Wav, AIFF and SoundFont; Export of Wav and AIFF; Edit, Time Slice, Compression Tool
Performance 320 realtime performance locations STS: Memorize Realtime tracks settings, up to 4 x 1200 styles, up to 4 x SongBook entries, "My Setting" function
Song Play Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer Player (Supported formats: MID, KAR, MP3 + lyrics, MP3+G) 2 Players with separate Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls X-Fader Balance control Lyrics, Score, and Chord data can be displayed on screen, or on external video monitor Markers Jukebox function
MP3 Player Realtime Transpose (+6/-5 semitones) Tempo change (┬▒30%) Vocal Remover
Recorder Record MP3 files including Styles, SMF, Realtime Tracks, Pads, Microphone and Effects
Sequencer Quick Record (Backing Sequence) Multitrack and Step Record functions - Full-featured sequencer 16 tracks; Up to 200,000 events SMF native format
SongBook Fully programmable music database, based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes User-definable custom lists Filtering and Ordering options
Compatibility i-Series models: Styles Pa series: Style, Performance, Program/Sound, Song, SongBook, Pad
Multi Pads 4x assignable pads, stop button, and pad record function
Controls Master Volume Fade In/Out Keyboard-Acc/Song Balance Volume Ensemble Octave Transpose Master Transpose Style Change Quarter Tone and Arabic Scale memorized inside Performance/STS Realtime controllers: Joystick (pitch + modulation) Mic Volume FX Volume Mic On/Off Mic Preset Harmony On/Off 3 Assignable Switches Tempo +/- Tempo Lock Dial Search Function Shift Chord Scan Split Metronome On/Off Sound Select
Pedal Control 1x damper pedal input with half-pedaling support 1x assignable pedal/switch input
Input 2x 1/4" (6.35 mm) unbalanced mic inputs with gain control
Output Audio Output: 2x 1/4" (6.35 mm) unbalanced Headphone Output: 1x 1/4" (6.35 mm) Video Out: 1x RCA
MIDI 1x 5-pin DIN MIDI in 1x 5-pin DIN MIDI out 1x USB to MIDI 8x User definable MIDI setups
USB Front Panel: 1x Type A Rear Panel: 1x Type B 2.0 Connection
Storage 1x Micro SD slot
Display 1x 7" (177 mm) Color TouchView TFT display
Clock Internal clock system
Power Consumption 20 W, 100-240 V 50/60 Hz
Return & Exchange No Returns or Exchange
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer
Manufacturing Defect Exchange No Returns or Exchange
Courtesy Warranty Repair Shipment Service 90 Days Courtesy MFG Warranty Repair Services
Charged Warranty Repair Shipment Service 1 Year Charge MFG Warranty Repair Services