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Behringer MicroMON MA400 - Ultra-Compact Monitor Headphone Amplifier
  • Behringer MicroMON MA400 - Ultra-Compact Monitor Headphone Amplifier

Item Code: PABE000500 Part Number: MA400

Behringer MicroMON MA400 - Ultra-Compact Monitor Headphone Amplifier

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The ultra-compact MICROMON MA400 is the ideal personal monitor mixer for the performer who always asks for ?more me.?

The MA400 features XLR THRU jacks and provides superb noise-free operation. Just connect your mic to the MIC INPUT and send a line from the MIC THRU to your main mixer. You can even use studio-grade condenser mics, as the MA400 will pass +48 V phantom power, if your mixer is so equipped. The PHONES jacks accept both 1/4" and 1/8" headphone and earbud connections, making the MA400 ideal for hardwired IEM (in-ear-monitor) applications, such as singing drummers and keyboardists. The MA400 comes with a 12 V DC power supply and an LED to indicate when it is powered up.

Masterful Monitor Mixing
Capable of stereo or mono operation, the MA400 is a powerful little mixer that allows you to control two independent sources, a microphone and the monitor feed from your main mixer. Simply adjust the MON LEVEL control to a comfortable setting and then dial in all the ?me? you want with the MIC LEVEL control.

Small and Superb
The MA400 is an ideal solution for the ?more me? syndrome. Small enough to fit in your pocket?with a price tag to match?check out the MICROMON MA400 at your BEHRINGER dealer today.


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