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Professional Data Recovery

Data loss got you down? We've got you covered. Canada Computers offers various levels of professional data recovery services.

Data Recovery Services


Level 1 Recovery

  • Recover deleted files such as files and photos or from devices with difficulties reading the files
  • Recover files from external hard drives whose casing may have developed issues
  • This recovery may include a USB thumb drive or SD card

$99.99 to $399.99

Level 2 Recovery

  • Recover files from internal or external hard drives which cannot be read or written on but are somewhat recognizable or accessible
  • This process usually requires professional software
  • Time required to recover data will vary depending on the amount of data being retrieved from the hard drive

$449.99 to $799.99

Level 3 Recovery

  • Recover files from internal or external hard drives which may or may not be recognizable or accessible
  • Recover files from units that may have firmware corruption
  • Recover files from SSD unit with dead blocks or inaccessible volumes
  • May also recover files from hard drives with “clicking” sound which has minor media damage in unallocated portions of the disk drive surface

$849.99 to $1,299.99

Level 4 Recovery

  • Recover files from hard drives with media damage
  • Recover files from hard drives with “clicking” sound with damage to the read/write head assembly
  • Recovery which may require extensive lab time in order to stabilize the unit
  • Recover files from SSD units which have inaccessibility issues due to corruption

$1,349.99 to $3,199.99

Level 5 Recovery

  • Includes hard drive rebuilds including cases with major media damage on the hard drive surface
  • Recover files from SSD units which require extensive data re-mapping
  • Recover files from projects with multiple media like RAID and servers
  • Time required to recover data may vary depending on the process due to the use of custom software and other programming solutions

$2,499.99 to $4,799.99 and up


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