No harmful chemicals, 100% safe

The RCA Bug Zapper uses purple LEDs and an electric coil. Don't worry! No more toxic bug spray with all those harmful chemicals. This device is safe and totally effective.

Powerful, rechargeable battery

The RCA Bug Zapper conveniently charges by micro-USB and has enough charge to get you through your day, or evening. So, relax and enjoy the outdoors a little longer.

Compact, portable, and hangable

Designed to take with you, this device can be set upright like a lamp, or use the handy loop to hang it from almost anywhere. With the RCA Bug Zapper, you'll be as cord-free as you are bug-free!

Mini Fan and Lamp

It has a built-in fan and LED lamp that goes from 80 lumens to 300 lumens plus an emergency SOS red flashing light.