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Part #: 47020

Item Code: CNEZ000019

Emzone Air Duster 500 - Compressed Gas Duster 10oz / 284g (47020)

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Reviewed by: Nathan
Customer service was great. Cheap and cost effective. Works as intended. Cleaned out my dusty PC in less than half a can.


Reviewed by: JP122
Blows real good. If you push it for too long it gets really cold. Great for annoying my girlfriend who gets startled easily.


Reviewed by: Ak10
I use this can of compressed air to clean the dust out of my nintendo switch pro controller. It helps with stick drift. I also use it to clean my keyboard, mouse, pc, and anything that seems a bit too dusty. Very easy to use and gets the job done.


Reviewed by: ron
Brand new store open a month and shelves are still empty, impossible to find anything and nobody offers to help.


Reviewed by: Customer
Works great as intended. I got it with a discount while picking up my cpu processor that I ordered. Follow the instructions on the side if you are not familiar on how to use one of these cans...


Reviewed by: Customer
Excellent Customer service, the store is very updated and the product worked very well. The people are very friendly and everything in the place looks very clean


Reviewed by: Customer
One of the best air can sprays to use if you don’t want to invest into a vacuum. Blows away the dust really easily and kept my pc rig clean all around.


Reviewed by: Customer
It did the trick and it worked as expected. Did not have any issues using this specific product. I would buy this particular product again in the future


Reviewed by: Customer
Did the job. The can froze up pretty quickly when we used it. Had to wait for it to thaw multiple times and then start again. Eventually the job got done.


Reviewed by: Skumar
Wonderful service. The sales person was very helpful with identifying the item that I was looking for and fast checkout.


Reviewed by: Lui
Works as drescribed. Well priced and great product. Used to clean my laptop and playstation. Shake well


Reviewed by: Bagel01
The Em Zone compressed air works really well. Never had a problem with the cans I've bought over the years. They last a long time and they hold the air while being stored for short periods of time before being used again.


Reviewed by: Ken
Boy does this stuff blow! I though getting cans in the air was hard (I throw paint cans for fun), but these folks somehow got all this air in the can, if you can believe it. Will buy again, however I wish the stores would bring back the airplane travel sizes they used to carry.


Reviewed by: Mark
This is a super great product that will help you clean out all your pc dusty needs, from the keyboard to panels to fans to cpus to anything really just to keep it all dust free


Reviewed by: Customer
Easy to use air canister, works great for computers and keyboards and mouse. Easier dust removal with consistent use.


Reviewed by: Fabian
Excellent product at a reasonable price.
I use it to dust off computer parts and other small items at home. It works as expected.


Reviewed by: Customer
It's air in a can. If you want air In a can this is the product for you. The air is compressed so it comes out quickly.


Reviewed by: Customer
The product is great for last minute dusting use. Everything seems to work as any compressed air can should. I wish is was more intuitive though. The straw it came with blew off when I first press the plaid can and it flew off. I lost the straw in the end, since I was outside.


Reviewed by: Customer
It's a can of compressed air. Super useful when cleaning out of parts. Expensive as usual but very effective.


Reviewed by: nelson1990
firstly its a great price, the pressure is amazing and very easy to use.

i have used it the whole weekend and has helped dust out so many things not only the computer.

very recommended.


Reviewed by: Customer
Great product, great recommendation by store clerk, works great at clearing dust out with multiple uses


Reviewed by: Deepie
Good stuff easy to use and effective. Keep it upright or else liquid comes out the spout. Keep it warm. If you use it lots, it chills down and looses pressure


Reviewed by: Trent
Bought this along with my 4090 that I was able to reserve. It was separate purchase and as usual service was fast and easy. I was able to find what I was looking for, no problems at all


Reviewed by: Topher
Nice can of air. Used on several projects so far (ps4, stereo amplifiers) and works as intended. Still going…


Reviewed by: mhn
Emzone Can of compressed air. Does as advertised. Good value for money!

Used it mainly for clearing out dust bunnies, drying some cleaned tools and unintentionally scaring the cat.


Reviewed by: AD
These are great compressed Air cans, with decent amount of life in then. I made sure to stick some painters tape around the nozzle and straw which made it very accurate when blowing. However, I have opted to do away with canned air for a data vac!


Reviewed by: AD
These are great compressed Air cans, with decent amount of life in then. I made sure to stick some painters tape around the nozzle and straw which made it very accurate when blowing. However, I have opted to do away with canned air for a data vac!


Reviewed by: Customer
It's great, staff was super helpful. Good luck to the man who sold us the card. It was his last day.


Reviewed by: Flexible
This was a great purchase. Works great. Used it on my keyboard and a couple of keys that were sticky worked. Better price and larger quantity than the competitors.


Reviewed by: Zack
Works great will keep buying for my cleaning needs. Electronics were well over due for a dusting and this did the job.



Reviewed by: Customer
Absolutely blew me away!
The sheer force that comes out of this small capsule is astounding. The dust bunnies in my pc case never stood a chance... it was absolute destruction.
Look no further for a trusty companion to clean your dusty pc that you've been neglecting since you bought it

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