Part #: ANT-2084

Item Code: SADI001303

DIGIWAVE ANT-2084 - Outdoor HD TV Digital Antenna






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Excellent results great price

Reviewed by: Barry
I live in Barrhaven (south Nepean) just outside Ottawa. I took down a Bell satellite dish and put this antenna in on the satelite dish mast with the existing wire from my dish and connected it to the TV. (its winter time) I get 15 channels crystal clear without any booster or preamp or distrubution amp. I did not spend a pile of time aiming I just pointed it in the general direction of Camp Fortune.
I have a channel master 4221HD at the cottage it is a more expensive antenna and is built much stronger than this one. There is lots of plastic on the digiwave however the Channel Master and the digiwave are of similar specs and performance.
This is a great antenna for the money. Go to and type in your postal code you will be provided with a plot to aid in aiming your antenna as well as a list of channels you can expect to receive.


Excellent antenna for the money!

Reviewed by: Tim
Ease of installation - folds open and locks, easy to install on pipes or other upright mounts by hand.
None. Excellent antenna.
This antenna was installed on my 11th-floor balcony in place of a Bell satellite dish. The antenna faces the C.N. Tower with clear line-of-sight. I don't regret the switch at all because here in the greater Toronto area we can pull in 10 channels clearly. On a signal-quality scale of 10: 6 are strength 10, 2 are strength 8 and the last two rank about 7.5. There are two more that come in quite poorly but they turn out to be repeaters for channels we already get.

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