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Part #: 910-005469

Item Code: KMLOT00101

LOGITECH G502 HERO High Performance Optical Gaming Mouse – Black (910-005469)

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Version: G502
G502 Holiday Edition
G502 Lightspeed
G502X PLUS Lightspeed
G502X Lightspeed - Black
G502X Lightspeed - White
G502X - Black
G502X - White
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Reviewed by: Greg
Been using this for a week and my first impressions are pretty good. I decided to take advantage of a sale on this and am happy with the purchase. The added weights are welcome as I prefer a heavy mouse (compared to the norm). The added buttons are awesome but the best feature is something so simple: the metal mouse wheel! I’ve never had a mouse with this and it’s awesome as the usual rubber scroll wheels don’t last long. Great product so far I just wish the wireless version was cheaper…


Reviewed by: Customer
Solid wired gaming mouse. Fairly durable, adjustable weight, and reliable. I use it both for gaming and graphic design.


Reviewed by: Customer
Ive had a few of these mice on a few gaming and work stations. They are absolutely the best. My 1 critique is that logitech got cheaper with materials now that they are selling tons of these mice. They no longer come with a braided wire, its just a thin rubber wire.


Reviewed by: Something
The perfect replacement for the G500.
I like but up front in front of your thumb as it is a little better than the middle button above your thumb on the G500.
Having the logo LED that changes colour based on profile is a cool bonus.


Reviewed by: CCB
Perfect performance, very nice design, a decent long cable. It fits in the hand. totally recommend it.


Best mouse

Reviewed by: Customer
This mouse is extremely good, everything works and it has capabilities that other gaming mice don't have it (depends)


Weak Left Button

Reviewed by: Eric
Accurate response and 5 levels of on-the-fly resolution adjustments. The thumb rest is always a nice feature.
Left Mouse Button will begin to lose its distance to the contact switch after about 10,000 clicks. Eventually having the left button not returning and sticking. They should have included a spring on this button as it's used the most, especially for a "Gaming" Mouse. Some models require a Firmware Update to enhance its tracking surface.
Not a True G500 replacement, but a strong resolution boost.
Much smaller than the Original G500. Could offer better left button return.


Great performance mouse, smooth movement, comfortable

Reviewed by: Scott
Great feeling mouse, fits my hand well and I have average size hands. DPI indicator on the side of the mouse to let you know at a glance which setting you're on. Quick change DPI buttons on the size of the left click for quick change on the fly. Has weights to adjust the feel of the mouse (I think out of the box it's not very light to begin with but I never felt it was "heavy"). Unlockable scroll wheel for infinite scroll if you want.
Very rarely happened but a few times I hit the DPI buttons on the side because they are right next to the left click button. Left click button starting to go after only 14 months of use. Only 1 year warranty for a higher-end mouse.
Overall a good mouse, I've really liked it but unfortunately after only 14 months of use the left click button is starting to fail. I cannot game with it reliably because sometimes it works and sometimes I need to press hard and further back on the button for it to register the click. It only comes with a 1 year warranty so do yourself the favour and get the direct replacement warranty for the extra few bucks. As an daily gamer I will do this for the next mouse and keyboard after this one because I go through mice every 12-18 months (and I'm not rough on them either, companies just make cheap junk nowadays).


A Solid Choice

Reviewed by: August
Extremely sensitive and precise sensor for smooth consistent mouse-pointer movement. Easily adjustable dpi profiles with LED indictator. Comfortable to grip, fits well in the right hand. Scroll-wheel has free-spin switch and lateral clicks. Modular weights. Convenient thumb button for on-the-fly low dpi precision.
Very sensitive right-click. So many buttons.
Reasonably priced for the quality of engineering and construction. Definitely the new mainstay on my desk, I would recommend this mouse to others.

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