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Item Code: NTAS000563

Part #: RT-AC68U

ASUS (RT-AC68U) Dual-Band AC1900 Gigabit wireless Router - AiProtection AiMesh enabled

Brand: ASUS
AC: AC1900 RT-AC68U
AC1750 RT-AC65
AC1900 RT-AC67P
AC1900 RT-AC68U
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Reviewed by: Brad
been using this model for awhile. Very Good. Merlin FW best on it.
Just buy it!


It works very well

Reviewed by: Sinisa
I have been using the router for about a month now without any problems. The overall network responsiveness has improved probably because the router does not cause any bottlenecks. (With the old router, some computers had slow internet and network drives were slow sometimes) . I tried it only on 2.4GHz as I don't have any AC devices. The range has significantly improved compared to my old D-Link router, which was also hi-range. The Wifi connections do not drop and I did not have to reboot it at all. There are many functions I have not tried. Basically, there was no need for much of an installation. It worked out of box. I adjusted the DHCP and port forwarding settings and the network was up and running in 10 minutes.
The router does not have a fastener or a bracket so it cannot be fixed directly to a wall.
Great value. Not cheap, but it is more than adequate for a busy home or small office network.


Great performance

Reviewed by: DENNIS
The AC68U replaced a very old Cisco E2000. Great through-put of around 24Mb with wired of course it blew the E2000 out of the water. The router was installed in the main floor TV room, setup and install was a breeze. I have a I7 notebook with a Intel AC7260 modem in the upstairs bedroom that is around 25 feet away and it averages 17Mbs with the Toast test which is amazing. The upstairs office I7 desktop (same distance as the bedroom) that has a ASUS N300 USB-N13 USB wireless N adapter and it averages 3Mbs, needless to say it will be replaced by a AC adapter in the very near future. The range is excellent with both computers registering 5 bars even with one wall being brick. The AC works excellent but the N seems to be 1Mb lower than the old Cisco but it could be due to a number of factors. All in all, AC is the way to go and this router gets 5 stars.
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