Part #: NBA-200U

Item Code: SCVT000010

Vantec USB External 7.1 Channel Audio Adapter (NBA-200U)





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Excellent Sound!

Reviewed by: Shailesh
Great sound with multiple inputs to support all times of connection. I mainly use it for optical sound and for my headphones. If that is all you need then this is a great product for you.
None that I can see, but my usage is only for 2 sound inputs I haven't used the other inputs.
Great product and have been using it for the past 2 years now.


works with PS4 USB connection

Reviewed by: Alexander
Cheap, good sound quality, small size.
Now I can use my pc speakers with PS4. Just plug in and play.


Very surprised.

Reviewed by: Rob
The only wonky thing was the installation disc. It has a driver for 50+ devices on it so you have to go in, manually, find the folder that says "NBA-200U" and install that (with the device connected), then reboot and then bam! you got full-out digital sound through USB outputing to the S/PIDF port. I have a 15-year-old Dell Inspiron 8500 (which runs Win7 like a champ) connected to a 55" plasma at the foot of my bed. I connected the device to an external digital receiver via fiber-optic cable. The receiver thinks it's getting a Dolby Digital signal and channels the sound accordingly to the surround-sound speaker setup even though what's going into the USB audio adapter is crappy stereo from a movie file that's on the laptop. It's pretty crazy that I now have a pretty decent theatre system in my bedroom because of this little $30 investment. It's pretty magical what's happening inside this thing. Turning crappy low-bit stereo/analog sound into something that can then be picked up by a receiver and turned into theatre-quality Dolby Digital is pretty awesome.
If they offerred a version that included a remote for controlling volume that might be tempting... but that would probably double the price. The price of this thing (cheap!) is just icing on the cake. There really are no weaknesses. Especially how installing the drivers, then rebooting, just made everything work without any hassel whatsoever. I did have to go into the sound settings and activate the S/PIDF port, though... it doesn't *autodetect* what you're trying to do with it.
I only bought this thing because Canada Computers was sold out of the one I wanted (which was about $70). I'd bet money I would have had some kind of issues with that one... this Vantec USB external audio adapter is rock-solid. It's a real gem and is something that anyone who has a laptop should own. And now with the quality of music you can stream off of YouTube it's a great idea to connect a laptop or PC to a digital receiver and add a *virtual* jukebox to the living room or bedroom that literally has EVERY song you could possibly ever think of. Super-handy and really well-made. Works like a dream in Windows 7. Thanks Vantec for doing something right! Rating: 6/5.

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