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Item Code: CSDCL00013

DEEPCOOL Matrexx 55 No Power Supply Shroud ATX Mid Computer Case

Product: Regular
RGB, White
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Value for money - pretty decent case for ATX mobos

Reviewed by: Divya
Decent case; has enough space for a long GPU if you need it even if you install fans and radiators in the front. Not having a shroud for the PSU is a con, but it doesn't hurt the case's functionality too much. It's a good looking case, but you would need your own velcro strips for cable management since this doesn't come with any.


Very good case of DYI

Reviewed by: Ali
Good air flow despite front glass, looks nice, has an RGB controller (I did not use, used the header on the motherboard instead). Cable management is good, and my build is very clean.. Good price, even better price when I sale.
the sheet metal is thin, and a bit flimsier than I like. Card slot dust covers need to be snapped off, so if one needs to be put back on, should buy dust covers separately. The front power/HDD/Reset headers are individual wires like 'the old days'. Front panel does come off by squeezing 6 plastic round tabs and pushing out, just like 'old days'! May be a pain to work with for less experienced person, and they may not even realize how to install fans at the front.
It's a good case, looks very good, and is good price. I will buy another one to modify as soon as it goes on sale again.
However note if you are not an experienced system builder and a don't DIY'er: You may not have everything you need for a nice build.

I had my own velcro strips for wire management, addressable RGB strips, PWM Fans, custom made extension cables for the fans, magnetic tape, ABS dust filter roll to add to front using magnetic tape, and also installed black woven nylon wire covers for the front i/o cables to make everything look black.
Given that I can make my own custom connectors, extension cables, covers, ARGB stuff, etc. I found this case to be completely acceptable. For me, this was a hobby DIY project and it took me over 10 hours to prepare the case before even starting to build my system.

If you are not an avid builder with these extras handy, maybe you will have issues trying to make everything look and function nicely, or you will have to just make compromises that will show through the glass.


Decent budget-friendly and attractive case

Reviewed by: Seb
Lots of tempered glass to show off parts and tons of open space for building in.
Would be nice if it offered the PSU shroud like its' mesh sister case does. Front panel connectors are a bit flimsy. Back PCI slots don't slide off - have to be snapped off, which isn't exactly great for new builders as it feels SO wrong. Fan installation is somewhat difficult.
Pretty nice case for someone's first build. I would recommend going up to the RGB fan version of this case, just because installing fans in the case is a bit difficult - and having the RGB is a bonus.

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