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The Picture of Innovation

Samsung Smart TVs

Experience your new reality

Discover a captivating level of realism with the Samsung UHD TV MU8 Series expressed through crystal-clear colours. The Samsung UHD TV will make you feel as if you’re part of the action. View images in superb detail with super white whites, deep blacks and stunning brightness and shadow.

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Redefines TV picture quality, style and smart technology



Innovative design and advanced UHD 4K technology

Full HD TV


Wider viewing angles to provide an optimal viewing experience



Superior colour, brightness, and slimness

QLED TV Section
Quantum Colour and Brightness

Q Picture

QLED TV showcases virtually 100% colour volume with optimal brightness and contrast, so you can see every detail as it was intended, regardless of viewing angle or darkness level in the scene or in your home.

HDR 1000

Q Style

Enhanced space solutions and a 360 design make the new Samsung QLED TV look stunning and fit into your home seamlessly. It’s completely bezel-less on all four sides, delivering a more immersive experience.

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Q Smart

Q Smart

Use one remote to control all of your devices, entertainment apps and game content, or access the TV’s Smart Menu from any Android or iOS smartphone. The universal One Remote Control automatically detects other devices connected to the TV, so you can integrate and control multiple devices all at once.

Quantum dot Colour

Q 4K Colour Drive Elite

Samsung QLED TV’s exceptional light and colour sets a new standard for TVs. The new metal alloy Quantum dots are key to the fantastic range of colour experienced through QLED, the first TV with the ability to express 100% true colour volume (DCI-P3).

Invisible Connection

Invisible Connection

Eliminate cable clutter from your TV and enjoy faster speeds with a nearly undetectable fiber optic cable and one connect box. Only 1.8mm in diameter, the transparent optical cable enables all of your TV’s connected devices to come together seamlessly.



The Smart Hub experience is now available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, bringing you one step closer to your favourite content. Use your smartphone to control the TV’s Smart Menu to navigate and share content.

UHD TV Section
4K Colour Drive Extreme

4K Colour Drive Extreme

With 4K Colour Drive Extreme, you’ll see an incredible step up in colour with one billion colour shades, making every scene even more lifelike.

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4K HDR Extreme

4K HDR Extreme

HDR peak brightness levels allow you to see incredible contrast between the darkest darks and lightest lights.

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360 Design

360° Design

Sleek and minimalist from every side, the clean back finish makes your TV look gorgeous front to back and fits beautifully within your living space.

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One Remote

OneRemote Control

A single remote to replace them all. OneRemote Control automatically detects and controls all your compatible connected devices and content with no manual programming required.*

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Clean Cable Solution

Cable Management

Maintain a clean, minimalist design on all sides of your TV with new Cable Management solutions. Wires are neatly connected through the base of the TV stand, meaning no more messy cables tangled up behind your TV.

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One connect Box

One Connect Box

Free your TV from cords and cables with One Connect Box. All your components are connected to one separate box, so your TV stays sleek and streamlined in a clutter-free space.

HD TV Section

Full HD TV

Superior colour, brightness, and slimness

Quantum Colour and Brightness

Stunning viewing experience

Thanks to a resolution twice as high as standard HD TVs, your Samsung Full HD TV delivers a breathtaking viewing experience. Enjoy the rich and vivid texture of Full HD images and watch your favourite TV programs and movies in a new light.

Quantum dot Colour

Curved screen

Built to naturally match the shape of your eyes, Samsung Curved screens widen viewing angles to provide an optimal viewing experience even from the sides.

HDR 1000

Ultra Clean View

Ultra Clean View analyzes your content with an advanced algorithm to filter and reduce noise. Even if the video source is less than Full HD quality, you’ll still be able to enjoy images that are near Full HD standard.*


The Best Sound Quality

Samsung soundbar
Q Smart

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Blu-Ray Section

Blu-ray Players

A Better Way to Watch

Blu-ray curved design

Curved Design

The modern curved design on the Samsung curved Blu-ray disc player matches the curvature of your curved TV and Soundbar.

Blu-ray Smart Hub

Smart Hub

Discover a world of Smart entertainment with the newly redesigned Smart Hub via your Blu-ray player. With fast boot times and quick access to your favourite apps, finding entertainment is intuitive.

Blu-ray Wifi

WiFi Enabled

With built in WiFi* you can easiliy access apps and enjoy your online content hassle free.

Soundbar Section


Entertainment in Premium Style

Soundbar Hero 1

TV SoundConnect

TV SoundConnect* connects your Soundbar with your TV with ease and without the clutter of wires via Bluetooth.**

Soundbar Hero 2

Surround Sound

Create a 4.1 channel system when you add a Samsung Wireless Surround Kit. Enjoy a great surround sound experience virtually, without the use of wires*

Soundbar Hero 3

Powerful Sound

With its convenient wireless design, the subwoofer is incredibly easy to set up anywhere, quickly giving you the freedom to enjoy supersonic bass quality and a fully natural sound experience.

Wireless Audio Section

Wireless Audio

Entertainment in Premium Style

Wireless Audio Hero 1

360° Sound

Unlike conventional speakers that project sound in a single direction, Wireless Audio – 360 fills the entire room with sound, thanks to Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology which disperses sound evenly in all directions.

Wireless Audio Hero 2

Tap & Swipe

Navigating your music is easy with the  intuitive top panel interface. Simply tap to control playback, swipe to play the next/previous track, and touch Mode to toggle between WiFi, Bluetooth, and TV SoundConnect. And for ease of use, an LED indicator lets you know the device’s status.

Wireless Audio Hero 3


Control and share one music source across multiple audio devices using the Samsung Multiroom App*.

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