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Product Warranty

Make sure your item works like new for years with our worry-free Tech Care Protection plans. Depending on the product you are purchasing, we provide either the Tech Care Replace plan or the Tech Care Repair plan.

Tech Care Replace is offered on most individual products within Canada Computers and features a quick and easy replacement on your product. If your product is defective within the coverage period, bring it to any Canada Computers Service Centre location for a replacement.

Tech Care Repair is available on full computer systems and offers a repair service including free diagnostics, repair on full parts and labour over the entire coverage period.

Benefits of Tech Care Protection

  1. Shipping to the manufacturer

    Save time and money by not dealing with the manufacturer. Go directly to a Canada Computers Service Centre and get in-person service.

  2. Less downtime

    Computers and electronics play a central role in our lives. When something fails, it can cause a disruption, but our protection plans will get your device backed up and running in no time.

  3. Free diagnostics

    Save on the cost of diagnosing your product. If you suspect something is wrong, you can have our technicians check it out for you at any time, free of charge.

  4. Fully transferable

    Whether it is for you or for others, anyone with the product and receipt can make a claim at any Canada Computers Service Centre. You can transfer the plan even if you decide to sell or gift the product as long as it is within the plan’s coverage.

  5. Once-a-year physical cleaning and Windows reset 

    Keep your computer running fast. Once a year, you can bring your computer to one of our Canada Computers Service Centres, where we can give it a physical cleaning, and if for any reason you want, we can reset Windows to factory settings.

FAQ - Tech Care Protection

  • How long is the coverage period for Tech Care Protection?

    Tech Care Protection plans are available in 1 to 4-year terms. The plan concludes when the coverage period expires, or if the product is replaced.

  • What is the difference between Tech Care Replace and Tech Care Repair?

    Tech Care Replace is available on most individual products and gives a one-time replacement if your product is deemed defective during the coverage period. Tech Care Repair is available on full computer systems (ex. Laptops, Desktops, Built Computers Systems, Servers). It offers free diagnostics and covers full parts and labour on repairs over the entire coverage period.

  • If I have Tech Care Repair on a system and it is still under manufacturer warranty, what happens?

    If your system is still under manufacturer warranty and you have the Tech Care Repair, bring your computer to any Canada Computers Service Centre. We will do a free diagnostic in-store to verify that your system is defective and will ship it free of charge to the manufacturer on your behalf if it is defective, so you do not have to spend your time, effort, and money to do it yourself.

  • If I build a computer system myself, can I get Tech Care Repair on the system?

    When a computer system is not built by Canada Computers, a Tech Care Repair plan on the entire system is not available. You can, however, still purchase Tech Care Replace for the individual components within the system if these components were bought from Canada Computers.

  • What is the benefit of having Canada Computers build my system and purchasing the Tech Care Repair?

    When a Canada Computers expert technician builds the system, not only are you guaranteed it is professionally built, but you will also receive free diagnostics and full coverage on all components within the system for the entire coverage period of the plan. If you build the system yourself and purchase Tech Care Replace on the individual components, there may be diagnostic and service fees to determine which component within the system is defective before we can fulfill the claim. If an item in the system with Tech Care Replace is defective, we will replace it one time which will conclude the Tech Care Replace on that component.

  • What if I am having issues with my product, but I am not sure if it is defective or if the issue is covered by the Tech Care Protection plan?

    Bring the product to any Canada Computers Service Centre. We will diagnose it for free, advise you if the problem is covered by Tech Care Protection, and what the next steps are to get you up and running.

  • What happens if I need a replacement under Tech Care Protection, but my product is no longer available?

    In an event wherein the same product is no longer available, Canada Computers will replace the product with an item with equal or greater manufacturer specifications.

  • When I get my product replaced under Tech Care Protection, do I have a warranty on the new product?

    When your product is replaced under Tech Care Protection, the coverage period is concluded. You will then have the option to purchase a new Tech Care Protection plan on the new product. If you choose not to purchase a new Tech Care Protection plan, the replacement product will still come with the regular manufacturer warranty.

Tech Care Protection does not cover

  • Accidental or intentional physical or liquid damage.
  • Damage at connections such as DC jack, USB, Ethernet connectors.
  • Loss or damage resulting from external causes such as, but not limited to, power surges, acts of nature (fire, flood, windstorm, hail etc.).
  • Software, including infections (virus, trojan, malware etc.), drivers, and non-compatible software.
  • Any software/data loss or corruption due to system malfunction before or during the repair.
  • Data backup or recovery service. If a reset of the operating system is necessary, backup and recovery of software or data is not included in the warranty.
  • Product with removed or altered serial numbers.
  • Loss or damage from mishandling, tampering, or modification.
  • Change of the original setup and hardware configurations of the system unless such modifications were performed by Canada Computers & Electronics technicians with such service records. This includes later upgrades or add-on components and defects caused by such components. Incompatibility issues of installing new hardware or software.
  • Consumables including, but are not limited to, batteries, ink, toner, drums, print heads and projector bulbs.
  • Normal wear and tear and cosmetic damage including, but not limited to hinges, back cover of LCD/LED screen, fading or worn numbers and letters, fading, or worn logos.
  • Theft or loss of the product, software, data, or accessories.
  • Dead pixels or stuck pixels on Monitors, Laptop screens, Tablets and TVs below manufacturer-defective standards.
  • External accessories such as speakers, keyboard, touch pens, mouse, carrying bag, 3D glasses, remote controls, web cam, or any external bundled items.
  • Financial, personal, or any other losses incurred during system downtime before, during, or after repair and/or servicing.
  • Repair or service by an unauthorized third party.
  • On-site service.
  • Improper use such as overclocking, crypto mining, or farming.

Limit of Liability

The limit of our liability under the Tech Care Protection plan shall be the depreciated value of the product at the time of your claim, excluding the cost of the Tech Care Protection plan itself. Due to advances in technology, if we choose to replace a product, the selling price of the replacement product may be lower than the selling price of the original product. If a store credit is issued, the store credit will be in the amount of the depreciated value of the product at the time of your claim.

Quebec Legal Warranty

The Quebec Consumer Protection Act provides a legal warranty on the goods you purchase. They must be usable for normal use for a reasonable length of time.

The Consumer Protection Act gives a warranty on all goods you purchase from Canada Computers.

The goods must be usable for the purposes for which they are ordinarily used (Section 37 of the Act) and in normal use for a reasonable length of time, which may vary according to the price paid, the terms of the contract and the conditions of use (Section 38 of the Act).

The original agreement showing the serial numbers of the products and any records of previous repairs must be presented for this Enhanced Protection Plan coverage. Canada Computers & Electronics stores are not responsible for keeping such records and cannot perform any tracing or retrieval of such agreement for customers.

Manufacturer Warranty

Manufacturers will offer a warranty on their product of varying lengths depending on the product and manufacturer.
Check your product manual or packaging for warranty entitlement or check the Manufacturer Warranty Support index to easily search and locate manufacturer contact information. If you can’t find the brand you’re looking for, try using an internet search engine to look up the manufacturer brand and model number of your product.

Canada Computers provides in-warranty support on behalf of the manufacturer for the below brands. If you have one of these products and require manufacturer warranty service, bring the product and proof of purchase to any Canada Computers Service Centre location for warranty service

Armoury : Laptops, Desktops, Desks, Chairs, Peripherals
Audio Technica : Headphones, Microphones, Turntable
Brateck : Furniture, Monitor Mount, PC/Laptop Stands
Creative : Sound cards, Headset, Bluetooth Speakers, Speakers
CyberPowerPC : Desktops
Das : Keyboards
Deepcool : Cooling and Notebook Cooling
Delux : Keyboard and Mouse
Dragon War : Mouse, PC Cases and Speakers
Ducky : Keyboard and Mouse
Elephant : Keyboard and Mouse
Fostex : MIDI Devices
Glorious : Keyboard and Mouse
iCAN : All Products
iSMART : All Products
Korg : MIDI Devices and Controller
KRK : Headphones, Subwoofer and Audio Monitor
Microlab : PC Speakers
MyGica : Motion Remote with Keyboard, Media Player, MIDI device and Video Cards
Novation : MIDI Devices
Orico : USB Hub and Hard Drive Enclosure
PDP : Gaming Devices and Controllers
Ross : Home Theatre Mounting
Samson : MIDI & Audio Devices
Skytech : Desktops
Tenvis : IP Camera

Terms and Conditions - Tech Care Protection

  1. The term of the Tech Care Protection plan commences upon the purchase of a qualifying item with a corresponding Tech Care Protection plan.
  2. To make a Tech Care Protection claim, the original invoice with the product and plan must be presented at the time of the claim
  3. To make a Tech Care Protection plan claim, the product must be presented to a Canada Computers Service Centre with a complete, legible, untampered serial number.
  4. Any product or part that is being replaced under a Tech Care Protection plan becomes the exclusive property of Canada Computers & Electronics.
  5. If the Tech Care Protection plan covers a whole computer system (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Chromebook, Custom Desktop Built by Canada Computers, Server), Canada Computers will repair the system. If the product is still under manufacturer warranty, Canada Computers will cover all subsequent costs and logistical requirements to return the defective product to the manufacturer for service. For Canada Computers & Electronics to obtain a Return Authorization Number from the manufacturer, the subscriber may be required to provide any related personal information. For example, Name, Address, Contact Phone Number and Email address.
  6. If Canada Computers is unable to repair a product covered by Tech Care Repair, a replacement system will be provided. This replacement system will be of equal or greater manufacturer specifications, of any brand, new or refurbished.
  7. For any product covered by Tech Care Replace, if Canada Computers deems the product defective, an identical replacement will be provided. If an identical replacement is not available, a product with equal or greater specifications of any brand, new or refurbished will be provided.
  8. The Tech Care Protection plan concludes once the coverage period expires or a replacement product is given.
  9. If an equivalent product is not available, or at Canada Computers discretion, a store credit will be issued for the depreciated value of the product at the time of your claim. Once the store credit gets issued, this will conclude the Tech Care Protection plan coverage.
  10. Unauthorized service, repair or tampering of the product will void the Tech Care Protection plan with no compensation.
  11. The Tech Care Protection plan is transferable at no cost, as long as the new owner has the original invoice and the complete product. The new owner of the plan is bound by the same terms and conditions as the original owner.
  12. The once-a-year physical clean and reset is only available on laptops and desktops, once per year, up to a maximum of 3 times during the coverage period. This service does not include virus, trojan or malware removal, or cleaning due to liquid, physical or accidental damage. The optimization is for the Windows operating system only and not for any other software.
  13. If a product is replaced under the Tech Care Protection plan, the customer has the option to purchase a new Tech Care Protection plan on the replacement product.